“Sustainable Design should not be a luxury, but an affordable option for everyone” 

For some, going to the beach is just an opportunity to flaunt one’s swimwear. But more than anything, it is also a chance to commune with nature and appreciate its transformative power. The beach-loving sisters Patricia Caballero and Alba Bisbal decided to bridge these two impulses and found All Sisters, an emerging ecoswimwear brand based in Barcelona.

allSisters was born in 2015, inspired by the sisterhood of women as well as the innate bond between women and nature. The brand has dedicated itself to making pieces that respect the environment as much as the female figure. Now almost five years into the venture, it did not take long for the sustainable fashion brand to make waves in the global scene. allSisters has since been featured in Vogue, GQ, Marie Claire, and a lot of other established tastemakers. Trendsetters such as Monica Belluci, Bar Refaeli, Natasha Oakley, and other big names have also been seen wearing the brand. In an interview with Vogue, the founders also described their style as “chic, elegant, and sporty.” allSisters aim to provide ethical fashion options for modern, eco-conscious women who expect ease and elegance from their swimwear. Their long-term goal? To eventually transform the production system in the fashion industry.


Their ethical fashion ideals translate to actual practices from sourcing, designing, production, and distribution. They use high-quality Made in Green OEKO-TEX-certified recycled materials sourced from Italy. This ensures that their materials have been tested for harmful substances and are made in socially responsible and eco-friendly facilities. Intent on “upcycling the ocean,” allSisters’ high-end pieces have been repurposed from discarded fishing nets, carpets, and other sources of nylon waste. All of their products are made of 78% recycled polyamide and elastane.

Their operations are also limited to Barcelona and with local producers to ensure that their entire process subscribes to ethical labor practices.     allSisters is also very transparent with their costing. They admit that most of their products are pricier than most fast-fashion swimwear brands. This is a consequence of their conscious choice to use high-quality recycled material and to hire local manufacturers rather than subscribe to unethical fast fashion practices. Nonetheless, guided by the motto “Sustainable Design should not be a luxury, but an affordable option for everyone,” they provide more affordable options to ensure that their collections will remain accessible.

Their visual style also reflects a sense of modern dynamism. For instance, their “Organic Abstraction” collection features unconventional cuts and prints inspired by modern abstract art. The figure-hugging pieces are made with soft yet versatile nylon. Their “Sustainable Geometry” collection also stands out for its triangular cuts and deep necklines that emphasize the female form. Inspired by geometric figures, the collection features pieces such as the Scalene body, whose practical form is perfect in and out of the water. Also included are the Rhombus and the Isosceles, which are interesting reinterpretations of the classic bikini. Because they are designed to cling to the female body and are made with recycled nylon, they dry easily and can withstand active use.

The durability, versatility, and multi-functionality of allSisters’ pieces also fit well into the brand’s philosophy. Because they are made to last, allSisters’ pieces have a significantly lesser carbon footprint than their fast-fashion counterparts. The products can be used for more than one season, allowing the wearers to develop a relationship with their clothes.

Like most sustainable clothing brands, allSisters is swimming against the tide to save the oceans and transform the industry. But as consumer behavior continues to leans towards sustainable practices, we are looking forward to more success in the coming decade. We do hope that allSisters continues to produce eco-friendly, creative, and chic pieces moving forward.
All images copyright and courtesy of the brand. Featured photos from campaign Bluberry Sky Miami