The year of the Rana Plaza collapse, was the year Cossac saw the light of day, with the goal of bringing beauty back into the garments and dignity and respect into making them.
Agatha Kozek, the woman behind the brand, who had worked in the fashion industry for many years with great success, could not keep on being a bystander for the grim reality that was behind the glitter and glamour she had striven for as a young girl.
She loves the glamour in fashion, but the reality within the industry made her turn to the ethical and sustainable ways of doing things when she started her company.

With a core of transparency, sustainability and social well-being, Agatha Kozak set out to design a capsule wardrobe pieces with classic silhouettes and ethically made garments.
The signature is sleek and sophisticated and the designs transition easily from day to night and from season to season making the pieces timeless.
Besides offering women well made slow-fashion items that are designed to last both in quality and design, Agatha also seeks to create awareness of the negative impact that fast fashion can have on both people and planet.
The collections are designed in London and made in Europe and the majority of their fabrics are fair trade, organic, recycled or have a low environmental impact. 
Cossac runs small production batches to minimize waste and works with GOTS and ISO certified factories in Europe and Turkey.

Brand Values
Relationships are deeply rooted in the core of the brand and they value relationships and fair treatment of the workers very high making sure all their workers are receiving fair wages and are not being exploited.
“If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your product, because they will care more and want it to succeed.”

One of my favorite features on Cossacs website is their Eco Dictionary, where they have listed the most commonly used terms within sustainable fashion. 
This enables people to be a part of the fashion revolution. 
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What the future holds for Cossac is not easy to predict,  but the goal has never been to grow too big. It defeats the purpose of the sustainable profile, but Japan can be next in line for Cossac and we can’t wait to see that unfold.
All images copyright and courtesy of Cossac. Featured pictures from Cossac SS17 campaign by Can Sever