PAT GUZIK presents a mix of streetwear and high fashion in accordance to the sustainable fashion rules.
Pat Guzik graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy and Fashion Design.
She has a very strong sustainable profile as she is determined not to contribute to the pollution and waste of the fashion and textile industry.
The main feature in her brand is responsibility, local cooperation and transparency.

All the clothes have been sewn in Poland with fabrics made in Poland. In Hong Kong, Pat works with the NGO Redress, which has been reducing textile waste in the fashion industry for years, helping extend the life cycle of clothes.
All ornaments are created with a method much like when weaving rugs and all is made from recycled yarn.
She also tries to cut clothes to use the fabric in the most effective way, limiting significantly the number of useless offcuts.
Her collection  "We All Come From a Place" which showed in Hong Kong in 2018, is made from "reconstructed" clothes, sewn with the use of existing clothes, collected by the designer for a year.

Photos credits: Pat Guzik
All images copyright and courtesy of Pat Guzik.  Featured images Dawid H. Grônski.