Thinking MU was founded in Barcelona by four guys in 2010.
The vibe that the brand has reminds you of a day at Venice beach in the 80s, eating icecream and enjoying the wonderful things in life.
The prints tells a story inspired by people and planet,  but told with a humorous twist and a subtle provocation in order to inspire people to live more sustainable.
But the values behind the brand have the triple bottom line People, Planet and profit as their main priority all through the supply chain.
The products is produced in accordance to fair trade standards in India and the materials, organic or recycled cotton and wool is from India and Peru.

The plants are not chemically fertilized and the weaving of the cotton is made under fair working conditions in India and the coloring and prints are waterbased and nature friendly.
To support local communities both in Barcelona and their other origins Thinking MU works with long term contracts with the suppliers allowing a more trusted corporation from both sides.
Thinking MU believes that there is a great importance in the arts and crafts and therefore they have close collaboration with local artist, illustrators and photographers from local workshops in Barcelona.
The garments are wrapped in packaging which consists of potato and cornstarch and the labels attached is made from cotton remnants.

Thinking MU shows us that sustainable fashion can be fun and cheerful and colorful.
All images copyright and courtesy of Thinking MU.